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I usually make up my own sock patterns, looking for interesting stitch patterns from various sources and incorporating them into my own basic toe-up pattern. I like to knit my own socks bacuse they are fun small projects, and because wearing a pair of socks adjusted to really fit well is a delight.

I don't have pictures of many pairs here yet, but these are the socks I made for my friend Cheryl (FiberArt) as part of a sock exchange, and a clearer picture of the centre front (and back) panel.

exchange socks exchange socks close up

Here is another pair I made her later using Jaggerspun Zephyr lace weight yarn.

zephyr socks

Being a sucker for punishment, I made another pair in Zephyr for another friend (sorry about the fuzzy picture which doesn't show the lace pattern well) ...

more zephyr socks

... and then I made that friend a handspun pair. This picture doesn't show the pattern well but she is sending the socks back for repair after one got chewed so I may have a better picture later.

handspun socks

Just to prove that I do knit some for myself, these are my own Cotton Fine ones. The pattern in the 'clocK' panels isn't clear, but it is the same Chinese Lace as in the first pair on this page.

cotton socks

This pair was for an online Secret Santa exchange. It is in Cygnet 4-ply sock yarn. Click on the first picture for a bigger version, hten use your Back button to return here.

eboni thumbnail

As that picture is slightly fuzzy, here is one of the start of the sock on the needles which shows the pattern more clearly.


I do knit socks for my husband too, even though he has big feet . He is hard on commercial socks but the handknitted ones last quite well. The yarn is Lorna's Laces in Rainbow.

rainbow socks

I had some of the Rainbow yarn left over (I think I must have bought an extra skein to be safe) so I knitted a pair for a friend's daughter. The colours separate out better than in the larger pair because of the shorter rounds, so I think these look much better. I wasn't sure there was enough so I used a contrast yarn for the heels, toes and cuffs.

rainbow socks


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