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Ply-splitting is a traditional technique used in NW India, primarily for camel harnesses and fittings. That makes them sound very plain and utilitarian, but actually they include elaborate adornments for their treasured camels. Ply-splitting was discovered by western fibre crafters quite a while ago, but didn't really take off until Peter Collingwood's book "The Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding" came out in 1999. Now the tradiitional ply-splitting techniques are being used in non-traditional ways. It is particularly suited to 3-D structures, and braiders are showing great ingenuity in developing 3-D forms.

For more information on ply-splitting and basic instructions, visit Weavershand and don't forget to check out the Galleries. Also read Jennie Parry's interview with Peter from Embroidery magazine in which he discusses how ply-splitting is developing in the 21st century.

For information about braids, bands and narrow wares of all types, contact the Braid Society.


To view bigger versions of these images, see alternative views, and read some information about them, click on each picture. You can also move between them by following the links on the individual pages. The early pictures are scans as I didn't have a digital camera then. The scanner flattens and distorts some of the baskets.

my first PS basket basket with triaxial mesh another triaxial basket

a different mesh pattern same mesh, different arrangement

5-sided basket another 5-sidedl basket

necklet and earrings

möbius strips

cheekah (water carrier) PSerpent


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